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2022 State League Wrap Up

Division 1

Coaches: Kim Symons and Meredith Brown

At the start of the season the leadership group – all said to me we are not losing another grand final and my response was I agree, once the team was selected, I knew we had something special to build on, with the addition of the old and the new and what a magnificent group of players/humans we got the opportunity to coach. The team’s drive, determination, dedication to want to get better and better, and be tactical and strategically sound was exciting to watch. We had a major hiccup in the major Semi where the team we had been did not turn up! And it Hurt! So we got together and discussed what needed to change and there was born the “Everyone is accountable to keep their hands holding up the table” thanks to Meredith’s wise words From that training after that semi loss and those discussions there was no turning back and they were committed to get to the Grand Final. And then we made it, and the mindset was, this is OURS, WE ARE ARAWANG AND WE DESERVE THIS And there you go they did it What a journey, what a ride, what a team Premiers Division 1!

What an amazing season this team has had! The determination and their unwavering support for each other was amazing! I’m so proud of them and it’s been a privilege to coach them! A championship team with champion humans. ~ Kim Symons

Grand Final MVP Player Profile - Lily O’Brien

Age: 19 Years

Why do you like to play netball? I’ve always loved playing alongside my friends and challenging myself to become the best player I can be. It’s the perfect balance of fun and competitive, which I love!

Favourite Team: Melbourne Vixens

What it the one piece of advice would you give the junior rep players: One piece of advice I would give to the junior rep players is to never be afraid of setting big goals and chasing them. Work hard, listen to your coaches, enjoy and be proud of the wins, embrace and be motivated by the loses and setbacks, but most of all have fun! Today, I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

Division 2

Coaches: Kate Coffey, Laura Withers

What a season!?! This talented group of the athletes worked hard across the season - rising to each challenge and learning and growing from it. The support these girls showed each other, on and off the court, was testament to the team culture we set and built on over the season. The division two competition was strong this year, with every game requiring the team to bring their all. It was a season like no other - the growth and full team effort across the season is what got us over the line in the grand final. These girls are not just athletes but amazing humans and role models for those coming through our pathway. You should be proud of what you achieved this year ladies because we sure are!

It has been an absolute privilege to coach these legends. So very proud of them. They have had so much growth over the season and have become a tight knit group – deservedly taking the premiership in a hard-fought game with a full team effort. ~ Kate Coffey

Grand Final MVP Player Profile – Lilly Buchanan

Age: 19 Years

Why do you like to play netball? I have played netball since I was little, and what motivates me to tune up again and again is the urge to play better than I did last time. I’m a very competitive person and I love to push myself to rip in and play like I’m never going to play again.

Favourite Team: Giants

What it the one piece of advice would you give the junior rep players: Playing netball for a while I’ve found out that putting in what you want to get out, has really pushed me to want to do the extras. Whether that is staying to shoot more shots before / after training or running that extra lap. In saying that at the same time, really enjoy playing with your teammates, don’t put that pressure on yourself, sometimes the best games you play are those when you are relaxed and calm, the feeling of having no pressure on yourself makes me feel the most confident when taking the court Both teams couldn’t have won without the support of the Wangers Army! What a great community we are part of!

Mens League

Coaches: Alisha Anderson, Bryanna Robinson

This season was one of the best for the Men’s state league in the ACT. The calibre of athletes and teams has improved year on year and most games were highly competitive throughout the season. Despite COVID and injury interrupted season ANA constantly put quality netball on the court and played to our strengths. ANA finished 3rd after losing the preliminary final to a very sharp SCNA team


Coaches: Nicole Bowles, Lizzie Crossley

Our 19’s team had a strong start to the season and continued to improve each week. Faced with a number of injuries and illness, the team gug deep and supported each other on and off the court. Finishing 4th overall and making semi finals, the team were able to adapt and rally in new positions. We are proud of the growth our 19’s have had this season and look forward to the continuing to develop and excel next year.


Coaches: Leigh Kalsbeek, Michaley Phokos

Under 17’s started strong 200’s (if you know you know), learning new skills and working to become a united team on and off the court. Although we had multiple injuries and ill ness the girls worked immensely hard given every team a crack. The girls really came together and won some really tough and crucial games. We didn’t necessarily get all the wins, but we counted success through growth, development and hard work. Congratulations to the girls this season. We hope you had as much fun as we did.


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